Is Climate Change Really Man Made?

Main Theses

  1. In reality there exists no such physical phenomenon as 'greenhouse effect'. Rising concentration of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere cannot cause any climate change (warming).
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  2. The only 'greenhouse gas' which may have any effect on local temperatures, temporarily and in a very short period of time, is water vapour (clouds).
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  3. Contrary to what global warming alarmists say, global sea level rise is very minimal (ca. 1 mm a year) and no acceleration has been noted so far.
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  4. The main factor driving our climate is the sun and its level of activity.

  5. Climate is a set of averaged statistical data about weather, dominating in a specific area. Therefore there can be no global climate and no global warming.

  6. Climatology deals with pure statistical data and so it cannot belong to natural sciences. Only meteorology and hydrology are natural sciences because they deal with real data and real physical phenomena.

  7. It is not possible to measure average temperature on Earth and entirely impossible to compare such average temperatures in different periods of time.

  8.  It is very difficult to measure precisely sea levels on Earth and entirely impossible to predict mean sea level change in time.

  9. There are no real methods to predict future temperatures on Earth. All predicted scenarios of climate change are simply computer simulations and have nothing to do with science or reality.

10. IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) is dominated by politicians and used by them to spread propaganda about a looming 'global warming disaster' caused by humans.

11.Climate changes are inevitable and cannot be avoided. Human beings are not able to change the climate, let alone to protect it.

12.It is simply not true, that climate warming is bad for the mankind. In the past, warming periods were definitely more favourable for us than cooling periods.

13.Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant and there exist no rational reasons to limit emissions of this harmful gas.

14. Official limits of CO2 emissions are in fact political restrictions aimed at controlling economies. They are especially unfair and devastating for the developing countries.

15.It is not true that hurricane wind speeds are now greater than 50 or 60 years ago. In fact, there has been a little decline of 5 km/h in their speed.

65.No one can really say for sure if the global ice mass in the world is growing or declining. Mountain glaciers represent only 1% of the global ice mass. Therefore, they are not a good indicator of the trend.

17.The so-called renewable sources of energy, being introduced mainly to reduce CO2 emissions, are no real alternatives to fossil fuels or nuclear energy. They are simply too expensive and have to be susidized by governments to function.