Is Climate Change Really Man Made?

Global sea level rise

Contrary to what global warming alarmists say, global sea level rise is very minimal (ca. 1 mm a year) and no acceleration has been noted so far.

- What are the arguments?

Sea level rises and falls are regional. There are places with rising trends, there are places with falling trends, but in most places where gauges are installed, we have a trendless change.
Sea level rise is regional rather than global and is concentrated in the southern Baltic, the Ring of Fire, and the Atlantic coast of the US. By contrast the north-west Pacific coast and north-east coast of India are characterized by sea level fall. In the minority of locations where sea levels are rising the mean increase is about 4 mm/year and in some locations it is as large as 9 mm/year. The fact that sea level rise is not global should not detract from its importance in those parts of the world where it is a serious problem.
Global sea level rise is on average a bit more than 1mm a year for last 50 years with no acceleration tendency.

Red dots - positive tendency
Blue dots - negative tendency
yellow dots - no trend
black dots - conflicting trends


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