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TRACK LIST  (Compositions Vol. 1)

Mangrove Forest 192 kB/s 04:18 m:s FL Studio 7 The music illustrates the journey through a dark, damp and desolate mangrove forest.
Emotions 192 kB/s 05:25 m:s Roland EXR-5s A calm, relaxing music, with mostly improvised piano part.
Nebula 192 kB/s 07:41 m:s Logic Audio 5 + VSTi This piece was aimed at creating the atmosphere of a space journey, nearing galaxies, coming into view nebulas, flied by stars, planets etc.
Ethnic Variations 128 kB/s 06:52 m:s Roland SC-D70 Ethnic styled music. The human sounding voice is a GS-instrument (MIDI) sakuhachi (a Japanese flute), which I have reworked to sound this way
Klopfgeist 192 kB/s 03:52 m:s Logic Audio 5 + VSTi This is a pure electronic music based on several sounds programmed on a soft synth called "Klopfgeist". The music is very light and a bit funny in character.
Tempting Whisper 192 kB/s 04:35 m:s Roland SC-D70 A slow, jazz ballad for piano, bass and brush set.
Summer Mirage 192 kB/s 06:12 m:s Roland SC-D70 A Music, which has a lot of positive energy in it. This is a new re-arrangement of a piece composed in 2003.
Nordic Walking 192 kB/s 05:09 m:s Roland SC-D70 & Roland EXR-5s A composition in a free jazz style.
Nostalgia 192 kB/s 04:30 m:s FL Studio 7 A romantic, nostalgic theme sequenced with FL Studio 7
Session One 128 kB/s 06:16 m:s Logic Audio 5 + VSTi This piece of music is mostly a spontaneous, live improvisation of 3 instruments - e-piano, bass and a guitar. The drums track is an automated iZotope plugin pattern. I have finished this piece in a record time of ca 2 hours, which was a surprise even to myself
One Two Three - OK 192 kB/s 08:21 m:s Roland SC-D70 + samples One of my oldest compositions. It has an ambient character and some spacy features. The counting 1-2-3 is my uprooted voice.