TRACK LIST  (Compositions Vol. 2)

Barbecue Swing 128 kB/s 03:06 m:s Technics SX-KN720 A composition for a small big band in a jazzy swing style.
Blue Grass 192 kB/s 02:50 m:s Technics SX-KN 720 One of my first compositions - a traditional, dixieland music
Studio Mix One 224 kB/s 03:01 m:s Presonus Studio One + VSTi & samples
Brandy & Cola 192 kB/s 05:42 m:s Roland SC-D70 Relaxed, smooth music in jazz-fusion or jazz-ballad style. Grand & electric piano, acoustic bass, jazz guitars and strings.
Whisky & Cola 192 kB/s 05:57 m:s Roland SC-D70 Smooth jazz composition with elements of fusion and electronic music.
Push And Draw 128 kB/s 03:17 m:s Technics SX-KN 720 Composed and recorded in 2002 on SX-KN720 using the internal sequencer of the keyboard.
Quintett No. 1 128 kB/s 03:57 m:s Roland SC-88VL A composition for a typical jazz quintett (piano, bass, drums, vibes and sax).
Trio No. 1 128 kB/s 03:30 m:s Roland SC-D70 First from the series of smooth jazz trios (piano, bass and drums). Composed with Logic Audio Platinum sequencer SC-D70 sound module.
Trio No. 2 192 kB/s 04:06 m:s Roland EXR-5s Another composition from the same series, this time recorded with the Roland EXR-5s arranger keyboard.
Trio No. 3 192 kB/s 03:05 m:s Roland EXR-5s Swift, lively music arranged for a jazz trio: piano, bass and brush drums. Sequenced with Logic sequencer and Roland EXR-5s, mastered with WaveLab.
Trio No.4 192 kB/s 04:37 m:s Zoom RT-223; Kurzweil Micropiano A smooth jazz composition from the trio series.
Trio No. 5 224 kB/s 05:58 m:s Roland JV-1010 Another smooth jazz piece in the trio series.