TRACK LIST  (Compositions Vol. 3)

Spanish Impressions 128 kB/s 04:38 m:s Roland SC-88VL Impressions from my travel to Spain, composed and recorded in 2000.
Arabic Impressions 192 kB/s 05:48 m:s Roland SC-88VL Stylized ethnic music composed in 2002
Space Voyage 192 kB/s 07:27 m:s Roland SC-88VL One of my oldest compositions recorded in 2000.
Charter Flight 192 kB/s 05:11 m:s Roland SC-D70 Smooth jazz music from 2010.
Counterpart 128 kB/s 02:37 m:s FL Studio A smooth jazz piece composed in 2005.
Dance of the Humanoids 128 kB/s 03:01 m:s Fruity Loops Pro Electronic music composed and recorded in 2002.
Joker's Dance 192 kB/s 05:17 m:s Roland SC-CD70 This piece was composed in 2009. Because of its unusual 5/4 measure it has the character of an irregular, strange or even weird dance.
A Kitten Climbed a Fence 192 kB/s 03:18 m:s Roland SC-D70 This composition is based on a theme of the popular polish children song with the same title. It is a short, a little jazzy, loose variation of this song transposed to the minor scale (the original is in major).
Splitting Darkness 224 kB/s 04:08 m:s FL Studio 7 Jazz Fusion
The Spring Call 192 kB/s 05:49 m:s Zoom RT-223; Roland JV-1010 I was once fed up with the wintery weather and I composed this music in anticipation of the spring to come
In The End of September 192 kB/s 04:51 m:s Roland JV-1010 This my composition in a pop/rock style from 2010. I have used here two measures - 4/4 and 6/4 in the final part.
Cool Mix 128 kB/s 03:52 m:s Fruity Loops Electronic music composed in 2002