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My Compositions Vol. 7

Far Away From Home

far away from home


Duration: 06:45 m:s; bitrate: 192 kbits/s

Trans Nacht

trans nachtElectronic music composed and sequenced with FL Studio.

Duration: 03:22 m:s; bitrate: 192 kbits/s.

Walking In The Park

ballad for the lonely image

Duration: 04:49 m:s; bitrate: 192 kbits/s.

Memories Never Die

memories never die

Duration: 03:22 m:s; bitrate: 224 kbits/s.

Dancing At Sunrise

dancing at sunriseThis piece was composed using Roland SC-D70 for instruments and Zoom RT-223 module for percussion sounds.

Duration: 05:07 m:s; bitrate: 224 kbits/s.

A Little Combo Theme

combo themeThis is quite a nice theme for a small combo (piano, acoustic bass, percussion, jazz guitar and synth pads).

Duration: 05:03 m:s; bitrate: 128 kbits/s.

Romance in F Major

romance in fA classical piece. A mix of neo baroque and modern classic.

Duration: 08:00 m:s; bitrate: 160 kbits/s.

Trio No.5

romance in fA smooth jazz piece.

Duration: 05:58 m:s; bitrate: 224 kbits/s.


africaA smooth jazz piece.

Duration: 05:49 m:s; bitrate: 192 kbits/s.

Breakfast At Dawn

africaLeisure music.

Duration: 05:24 m:s; bitrate: 224 kbits/s.


transtagElectronic music, sequenced with FL Studio.

Duration: 03:3 m:s; bitrate: 224 kbits/s.

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