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Global Warming Issues

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My Compositions Vol. 8


waiting Electronic music composed & sequenced with FL Studio.


Duration: 04:05 m:s; bitrate: 224 kbits/s

Think Positive

think positiveLeisure music

Duration: 04:43 m:s; bitrate: 224 kbits/s.

Bright Lights

bright lightsFusion (instrumental).

Duration: 03:51 m:s; bitrate: 224 kbits/s.


bright lightsSoundtrack - instrumental (recorded using Roland JV-1010 synthesizer).

Duration: 08:56 m:s; bitrate: 224 kbits/s.

Winter's Tale

winter`s taleAmbient music - instrumental (recorded using Roland JV-1010 synthesizer & Logic Audio).

Duration: 05:48 m:s; bitrate: 224 kbits/s.

A Dream Unremembered

winter`s taleNew Age music - instrumental (recorded and sequenced with FL Studio).

Duration: 05:19 m:s; bitrate: 224 kbits/s.


impressionsInstrumental New Age music (recorded and sequenced with Logic Audio & Roland JV-1010).

Duration: 05:18 m:s; bitrate: 224 kbits/s.

Piano Interlude

piano interludeInstrumental music for piano, bass and drums.

Duration: 05:42 m:s; bitrate: 224 kbits/s.

Chasing The Spring

chasing the springRelaxing music

Duration: 05:09 m:s; bitrate: 224 kbits/s.


extraterrestialHave you already had an extraterrestial experience? No? It could frighten you, but you could also find it incredible, astonishing and unbelievable.

Duration: 05:18 m:s; bitrate: 224 kbits/s.

The Flight of a Flamingo

flamingoComposed and sequenced with FL Studio.

Duration: 04:36 m:s; bitrate: 224 kbits/s.

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